Picture for category Sundeck

We design the convenient sundeck for the guests to chill out after the lunch time in the first floor. There, you can comfortably sit on tuning chairs, relaxing and watch from tiny move of the little wave to the shadow of the mountain reflexing on the crystal water. You can socialize with other friends all over the world to share the traveling experience.

Enjoy every minute aboard

Perhaps no other day cruise ship in the region can make the discerning guests feel so well as we do. Occupying 89 m2 and at the height of 5 meter above the water, sundeck sets a mood of liberty sense and is an enjoyment of relaxed heaven.

Regular Afternoon Tea

There is something magical about the tradition of taking tea at the sea. Fresh biscuit, Vietnamese traditional cake, green tea, and seasonal fruit are served by our white-glove staff while you mingle with other guests to savor the unique moment of sunset.